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Case Study: Lupovis

Meet Lupovis

Lupovis is an AI-based deception solution that deploys active decoys within your networks for high-fidelity threat identification. The Glasgow based start-up was launched in Summer 2021 by CEO Xavier Bellekens and Ivan Andonovic, both from technical and security backgrounds.

Lupovis has a proven track record protecting reputation, and competitive advantage by providing the next generation of cyber-deception services and threat intelligence.

Involvement in the Cyber Cluster

Lupovis is an active and enthusiastic participant of the ScotlandIS Cyber Cluster and the cyber eco-system in Scotland.

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Lupovis specialises in helping customers protect business-critical network assets as well as data and IP from attackers that threaten and have already compromised the network, and from insider threats.

Typical noise and alert fatigue makes it difficult to spot an advanced attacker progressing through your network; Lupovis reduces alert fatigue and strengthens network defences by adopting a pro-active strategy through enticing attackers and luring them away from critical information and valuable assets.

The service easily deploys decoys on your network to trap attackers to reveal themselves within minutes with no friction. The Lupovis platform alerts you to what network assets the attackers are searching for and the evolution of the breach, turning the tables on the attackers.


  • Graduated from the NCSC for Start-ups programme, 2021
  • Graduated from the Plexal Cyber Runway Grow Accelerator, 2021
  • Nominated in Scottish Cyber Awards 2021 for Best Cyber Start-up
  • Winner of a Scottish Edge Award


“Lupovis provides low-noise insights into specific attacks. In the short term (2 weeks) we have tested their product, it has provided more insights into attacker behaviour than a year-long deployment of an open-source solution.”

Threat Intelligence Lead in Fintech

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