Quran Teacher

Learning Quran Online teaches the students basicNurani Qaida and then we move to how to recite the Quran. We also provide services for making your child memorize Quran or Hifz. Detailed Tajweed and Tafseer are also taught. Our courses include:
Learning Quran home is one of leading academy in Quran education .SINCE 2010 we providing education of Quran . We have many Quran teacher male and female who provided education of Islam.
Our teacher is highly trained and high qualified for teaching of Quran. The Quran Teacher is teaching in different languages like English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto and Arabic.
now Muslims has good opportunity to read Quran with latest technology  every were .we design a website  and Quran, Tajweed rules of Quran, and basic alphabet for kid’s who want to read online with mobile phone, I pads and computers just sitting at home and at work were he need.  People who want to read Quran with Quran teacher and learn Quran online so you can contact us our Admin he help you 24/7 .simply fill short form for registration.

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1) Reading Quran for Beginners
This course consists of following two steps:
1. Arabic course
The basic Arabic course includes teaching the following about Arabic language:
i. Grammar
ii. Speaking
iii. Reading

2. Tajweed
The technical meaning of tajweed is to articulate every letter from its articulation point and giving each letter its right and due characteristic. If any person recites the Holy Quran without following the rules of tajweed then there are chances that the meanings of some words can change. Majority of scholars regard leaving tajweed a sin.
This is why Online Quran learning teaches tajweed in detail to its students.
To download tajweed books for free click here.

3. Reading Quran
After teaching the basics about Arabic language then we move on the reading the Quran.

2) Quran Memorization
Learning Quran Online also provide Quran Memorization services via Skype.

Basic knowledge of Islam                                                                                                                                                               Quran teacher
We also teach the basic knowledge about Islam which includes history of Islam along with Salah, Necessary duaas, the importance of Salah, Fraiz of Salah, Wajebaat of Salah, Sunnah, Mufsedaat of Salah and Makrohaat of Salah. We mainly focus on performing Salah correctly, importance of Sunnah, Hajj and Umrah.We also teach funeral Salah (kids and Adults) etc.
The services include:
i. History of Islam
ii. Six Kalmas
iii. Namaz
iv. Details about Hajj and Umrah, Zakat

We mainly focus on problems and information that can help you understand Islam in an easy and better way. We want the next generation to focus on Islamic learning.

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Life of Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
Learning Islam is not possible without learning about the life our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). This is why learning Quran Online offers following services:
1) Life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)before and after Prophet hood.
2) Details about His(P.B.U.H) life ideal.
3) Sunah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and why should we follow these sunah.

Hadith courses
Learning Quran Online offers course of learning Hadithof HolyProphet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), as without learning the hadith it is not possible to follow the rules of Islam completely. Hadith provide us guidance on each and every field and tasks of life. This is why by opting for our courses you will learn:
1) Hadith
2) Rules of life from hadith.

Translation courses 
Many of us are unable to understand what message is the Holy Book Quran conveying to us as we are unable to understand Arabic. However, there is no use of reading Quran without understanding at because it is unable to follow the teachings when you do not understand them.

To make it easier for you to understand the message of Quran, Learning Quran online offers the following services:
1) Quran Learning  with translation.
2)  Word to word translation
3) Learning of Quranic translation in Urdu and English language
4) Pronunciation and Recitation.of Holy Quran