About Us

Learning Quran Home  is an online  Islamic institute based in Islamabad Pakistan.we are teaching Quran ,Qaida (basic’s letters of arabic) Tajweed of Quran ,tilwat learning, nazra Quran reading course,hifiz Quran memorizing of Quran ,basic Arabic Grammar,Tafseer Quran ,namaz (salah), funeral salah ,eid’s salah , fraiz and wajibat of salah ,rules of salah ,dua’s ,kalmy,etc.
Learning Quran Home  industry leader since 2010 to teaching in Quran

NOTE : Any Queries please contact us on given number or  Email ,skype we are online 24/7

Address in Pakistan : Gondal houses G16/2 bhadana kalan post office Tarnol Islamabad.